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Helping our neighbors - florida giant dog rescue

Foster Partner

As a small business, located in the Lakeland Area, we understand the importance of being a responsible member of the business community.  Along with activities with the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce we are proud to be a foster for the Florida Giant Dog Rescue.  

Florida Giant Dog Rescue works exclusively with dogs over 100 pounds. As the General Manager, and someone that has worked in rescue for many years, I am proud to associate our company with the fine work done by this group. 

Pictured is Lucy, our current foster child.  Lucy is one of many Giants looking for her forever home, through no fault of her own.  Lucy will stay with us until a suitable home is found. She is incredibly sweet, velcro dane, that would do best with a human she doesn't have to share. She has definite opinions about her personal space. To view Lucy and all of the other adoptable giants visit .https://flgdr.org.  To visit Lucy, come by our office Monday - Friday 9-5. 

Florida Giant Dog Rescue - Adopt, don't shop

To learn more about Lucy, the other adoptable dogs in rescue, donate,  volunteer your help or become a corporate sponsor - visit the website -  https://flgdr.org/ .  

Spay / neuter of our pets, closing puppy mills and irresponsible breeders and promoting adoptions is the only way to empty the kennels and become "No Kill" communities.